Glad I Saw It: Peacocks

We love to see the real ones at the Turtle Back Zoo, but these thrill my children just as much because I let them go up and touch them.  There are little fairy adornments as well, but the three peacocks are the focus of joy every time we walk on by. 


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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Peacocks

  1. anna says:

    i am starting to think my lawn (and kids) are deprived ’cause we still have no lawn ornamentation of any kind.

    hmm. but then the question is… what to get?

  2. It’s tougher to find interesting (and affordable) lawn creatures than I ever would have thought. The really cool stuff is pricey. Really pricey. And the other stuff (we have four pinwheels stuck into one of the plant beds) is just temporary and spinny.

    I bought one gnome at Costco for my birthday. And I scour the yard sales for other items when I get a chance.

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