Neti Pot Fail

I suffer greatly from seasonal allergies.  They come at least twice a year.  One year, in addition to the usual puffy, red, leaking eyes and nose,  I got hives all over my arms, mid-section, and legs – apparently due to Sycamore trees.  Still, I hate to take any kind of medication (reserved for really bad headaches), so I have shied away from allergy medications.  However, it has been so miserable this year that I broke down and went to my favorite pharmacy on Grove Street to beg for help.  I bought two things:  Allegra and a Neti Pot.  

The Allegra has not been doing anything, not even making me drowsy.  And I just tried a Neti Pot for the first time in my life.  I failed.  Before attempting the rinse, I even watched several YouTube videos, and they all made it look so easy!  Even for Neti Pot Virgins!  My experience was more like this guy’s (the relevant part is over by the first 130 seconds or so).

I’ll try it again at some point, maybe I’m too congested for the Neti Power right now.  I’m

She looks so calm and efficient.

going to believe that it was my fail and not Neti’s.  However, it’s one of the few times that I actually read all the directions instead of assuming I knew how to do something.  Look how easy the directions make it look!  I leaned forward!  I tilted just so!  But nothing came out, and then it did – into my mouth.  Ewwww.

It occurred to me that maybe I have a deviated septum and am just now finding that out.  Can someone on the way to 42 not know about that?  Am I just coming up with excuses for my Neti Pot Fail?  Woe is me!


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4 Responses to Neti Pot Fail

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve been using it on and off for a year now and it still takes me a couple of tries to get it just right. It can be frustrating but try again!

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  3. Gage P says:

    I just started using a Neti Pot, after a friend recommended it. Wow. What a difference. It cleared up my sinuses right away. A little disgusting at first. I also use Allegra for an antihistamine, as I live in a allergy rich environment. Yogi Throat Coat tea is also something I’ll use when I start to lose my voice due to allergies.

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