Lazy Mom’s Lunchtime Nod to the Royal Wedding

Okay, so I hadn’t planned on doing anything other than perhaps buying the teachers at my children’s school British-themed cookies from Le Baker’s Dozen.  I didn’t; I figured I’d wait for next week as a way to acknowledge their mothering role to my adoring kids.

But somehow my kids started asking about The Princess and “Could we see the princess?”  and “Where is the prince?”  and “I want to see her pretty dress!”  My original plan was to stop in at Mr. Dino’s for pizza, but since my morning Neti Pot Disaster, I’d had a raging head-ache and just wanted to take them home to run wild around the house while I suffered in bed.  I figured this new-found attraction to royalty might help get them home for lunch since I’d made the mistake of telling them Mr. Dino’s was in their lunch-time future.  

I told them that we could make a Princess Pizza and watch the princess get married. They bought it!  Here’s what I did:

1) Fast forwarded the Today Show’s extremely long and boring pre-amble to the wedding to when Kate got into her limo.  Put the kids in front of it and told them to watch for the princess.  Pre-heated the oven.

2) Got a frozen Costco pizza from the basement.  Got a yellow cheese stick from the refrigerator.

3) Sliced the cheese stick into several thin pieces and made a crown on the frozen pizza.

4) Brought the tray with the pizza over to the kids for their approval.  Pointed out how beautiful the princess looked in her white dress.  Explained that princesses wear white, not blue sparkly dresses or fairy wings, when they get married.

5) Put pizza in oven and set timer.  Went to watch the princess walk down the aisle.  Explained that the prince was wearing red and the queen was wearing a yellow hat with a flower crown.

6) Ended the fifteen minutes of televised fairytale romance and enjoyed the pizza with two satisfied children.  My son said, “I have never had such a delicious pizza with a crown on it!”  There must have been some magic in the princess pizza because my head-ache vanished into thin air after just two small slices.  Thanks Kate and William!

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