Glad I Saw It: Pig and Flowers

Gardens around Montclair are bursting with tulips and those carpet-like purple and white flowers.  (Can anyone help me out with that?)  It’s beautiful no matter how attentive the gardeners have been.  Some gardens, however, really stand out.  

This one on Bellevue is always a treat to passersby.  Not only are the plantings beautiful and interesting, but the accoutrements add whimsy and joy.

Today, I focussed on the pig.  Perhaps because I’ve been stopping by the amazing local food blog, This Little Piggy Went to the Farmers’ Market.  I found it via BaristaKids recently, and I’m hoping it encourages me to take advantage of the Farmers’ Markets and my kitchen more often.

In the meantime, this guy looks pretty happy where he is, so I don’t think he’s going anywhere.


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