The Glory of Montclair

Not a timid title.  And maybe that’s why this copy that the previous owner of our home left behind is worth at least $70 plus $3.99 in shipping.  It says so on Amazon, so it must be true.  Still, it’s a pretty cool book, and it’s chock full of interesting tidbits about our fair township.  

Its purpose, according to the Preface and Overview, is “to be a most complete practical guide” as well as “interesting and enjoyable to read.”  The author gives a sort-of apology regarding the numerous ads included in this publication.  And while, at the time it came out, people may have grumbled, the ads actually make the book more interesting.  They serve as a snapshot of commerce and culture in mid-nineties Montclair, NJ.  (Oh come on, as if shopping isn’t part of culture.  Get over it!)

As an utterly selfish act, I hope to go through this self-proclaimed Ultimate Guide and share the pieces that are most interesting to me.  For instance, I am all but ignorant about the names of different neighborhoods like Cranetown and Speertown.  I’ve seen them on signs, and I’ve passed the Crane House, naturally.  Yet, I’ve never been inside.  Here is my excuse to get over the shyness keeps me from parking the car and traipsing up to the door and just GO.  Hopefully it will interest a few other people as well.


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