Glad I Went: Go Lightly

Jen Chaky’s Go Lightly has gotten a lot of attention lately in various on-line venues – mainly due to the vegan ice cream now served there.  Baristanet, Montclair Patch, BaristaKids, and the VeggieGirl blog all featured this soy and hemp deliciousness.  And yes, I had to try it.  But that’s not why I returned to the store after a fairly long spell.

Last week, on Barista Kids, I was reminded about the AAP study (and not just the AAP!) that showed girls are starting to develop breasts and menstruate earlier and earlier, some as early as seven!  It prompted me to get into gear and do what I’d been meaning to for a while:  trade in my toddlers’ plastic plates for glass ones.  Nutso, I know.  But months and months ago I had stopped into Go Lightly on S. Fullerton after being at the YMCA (just Y now?) to take a look around.  I saw these glass plates with a sign on them that said something like “Unbreakable!  Go ahead, throw it on the floor!” 

I didn’t throw one on the floor, but I purchased two of them at $4 a plate.  I love them, and my kids feel grown up using them.  Also, it alleviates some of the chemical-seepage-guilt I have about serving my kids their breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the ubiquitous Ikea ovals that are starting to show signs of serious wear.

Since then, I’d wanted to return to buy more, and last Thursday I did.  Four more.  Good-bye Ikea ovals!  We still don’t know if they will break when thrown on the floor, but they are thick enough and tempered enough that they won’t shatter.  I think.  Either way, I’m happy to be able to perform the other evil -microwaving – with these plates.

So my intention was to buy these plates, but I also wanted to look around.  Okay, I also wanted to buy some of the ice cream.  I had heard that it was vegan and sweetened with agave rather than refined sugar, but what I didn’t realize is that Go Lightly also carries HEMP ice cream.  For those of us with thyroid issues, that is AMAZING.  Not that hemp is so great for the thyroid, but soy is definitely not.  As a mostly vegetarian, I eat more soy than I should, and now I have a vegan option that won’t stymie my thyroid function even further.  I bought a dish of the Hemp Mocha Almond Fudge and brought it home.  In case you’re wondering, if you are as scatterbrained as I am and forget that you put a dish of ice cream in the freezer and forget it about it for a day, it will still be delicious.  Even my skeptical husband said it was tasty, and my four-year-old gobbled his portion right up.  It was really good.  The consensus was that the sweetness was more subtle which allowed the fudge flavor to come through.  It’s pricey, but I’m on the “buy less, buy better” kick, so it evens out.

In my look around (since I was still thinking about the various reasons girls were “maturing” earlier), I noticed some safe nail polish.  Now, I am not a manicure or nail polish person.  I have terrible nails, and anytime I’ve gotten them polished, the nails end up peeling along with the polish.  Toes, yes – but only in the summer months.*  Anyway, I noticed a display with several nail polish bottles in basic colors.  So, if you have a youngster who wants some polished nails, get over to Go Lightly to snap these up.  I suppose you could even bring a bottle with you when you go for a manicure.

* P.S. Any recommendations around Montclair for a pedicure?


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6 Responses to Glad I Went: Go Lightly

  1. georgettegilmore says:

    My favorite place to get a pedicure is Nails and Bodywork on North Fullerton, right off of Watchung Avenue. Very clean, great massage chairs and everyone is very friendly, especially the owners Jessica and Joe.

  2. Jessica L Caneal says:

    Sahara does a vegan pedicure with all natural products!

  3. Thanks for this post. I am so glad you enjoyed the ice cream, and more glad I could help you keep your kids healthier with non-plastic tableware. One word of caution- the plates are only virtually unbreakable. They have not broken after being dropped repeatedly on my bamboo floors, but the tile floors will probably do them in. But you are right, they will not shatter so much like regular glass. Thanks again! -jen

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