Sprucing Up the Place: Hot Dog Edition

Speaking of how people choose to adorn their surroundings, here’s a look at a pair of guard dogs who were recently prettied up.

These two solid-looking pups stand on the corner of Watchung Avenue and Broad Street in Bloomfield.  I think they work for hot dogs, since that’s what Tony’s Hotdogs sells.

They weren’t always so spotted.  It seems that someone (Tony?) decided they needed to look a little more glossy, and perhaps life-like.  In any case, they are now one step closer to the ancient Greek statue style than the subdued and weathered garden ornament style.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s how the dogs looked prior to their whitewash:


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2 Responses to Sprucing Up the Place: Hot Dog Edition

  1. anna says:

    that’s great you have a before and after shot… and i would love to hear the reason behind the pups new look. tony are you reading?

  2. I feel like they look grumpy now. If I stop in there, I’ll be sure to ask about it. As a usually-vegetarian, there’s not much call for hot dogs.

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