Glad I Saw It: Lions at the Gate

I have a fondness for bold and interesting choices in other people’s homes.  In my own home (much to my husband’s chagrin), I am almost always anti-change.  If it were all up to me, we’d still have the 100 watt electrical system with the outdated fuse box the previous owner left us.  We’d definitely still have the amazing-but-peeling wallpaper in the hallway.  And we’d most certainly be using large moving boxes covered with a table-cloth as bedside tables.

Still, I love to check out the adornments that folks have decided to add to their homes.  It may well be that the previous owners of their houses made the choices, but then they still chose not to remove anything.  I’m especially appreciative when these decorations or lawn ornaments serve the dual purpose of entertaining my kids as we walk around town.  (I’m doing my best to remain a pedestrian as often as possible.)  

Here are two of our favorites:

Two white lions stand guard at the hedged entrance to a front yard.  Every time we pass, two eager sets of hands reach out to pet them and explore the teeth and manes.  They are very elegant and regal looking – kind of Aslan-ish.  They are also close enough to the sidewalk that I don’t trespass when letting the kids give them some love.  General consensus is that the lions have their paws on a hat of some sort.  I just agree because I don’t know that I could explain the whole shield and coat-of-arms thing.  I’m not even completely sure that’s what the lions are steadying with their finger-like paws.

A few blocks away is a pair of black lions.  They are farther into the property, so we’ve only admired them from a distance of about 20 feet. (Yards?  I’m really bad at distances.)  And I suppose it’s a good thing because both of my kids have decided that they look scary and they don’t want to be petted.  Still, we always stop and take a look at them.  Depending on our moods, the lions seem either worried or angry.  Either way, they dare us to approach, but we don’t.


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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Lions at the Gate

  1. anna says:

    these are great. you would get along with my husband, when i met him everything (tv, microwave, etc.) was postioned on top of the box it arrived in. he seemed shocked there could be another way to decorate…

  2. Ha! I would, at least, have put a dishrag or tablecloth over the boxes. You should have seen what my apartment looked like when I met my husband – it almost caused us to never see each other again.

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