Glad I Saw It: Basking Hippo

Basking Hippo, originally uploaded by kikintina.

This hippo is the kind of pet I could handle right now. I like that he’s just nestled into the side of the sloping yard. In a few weeks he’ll be hidden by various greenery or mulch or flowers, I’m sure.  Some day I will have a few of these burrowed around my yard.  Love it.


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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Basking Hippo

  1. anna says:

    that’s one happy hippo. i haven’t gone the way of lawn ornamentation yet, but i am still new to suburban life so you never can tell.

    • I bought myself a garden gnome at Costco for my birthday. Other than that, all of our garden ornaments are left-over from the previous owner. I have day-dreams of the kids finding little stone frogs and hippos and buddhas as they explore the backyard. Of course, in those day-dreams our yard is about four times as big. See how wild I am in my dreams?

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