It’s An Ice Cream Cone

Now it really is an ice cream cone.

On Monday, that glorious summer day in April we had before the dreariness of the rest of the week next two days, I took my kids to Brookdale Park for a picnic.  I told them they could pick any table they wanted (we were next to the dog park), and they ran straight for one with rotted out benches.  So I told them they could pick any OTHER table they wanted.  They did.  When I got to the table, I noticed some artwork on the table top, but not before my 2.5 year old noticed it.  “Mommy, what is she eating?”  I didn’t miss a beat,  “It’s an ice cream cone.”  It’s true; I lied to my child.  (Oh the horror!)  And I’m okay with that. 

My innocent toddler accepted the answer, and I plopped down my bag on top of the

Friendly guy with an honest job. He really put in his time cleaning; Essex County should be proud.

drawing.  Then a truck came to empty out the port-o-potty that was about a hundred feet away, and our lunch-time was complete.  The driver honked his horn when the kids waved at him, so that had a happy ending too.

All in all, a very nice day at the park.  My one regret is not slathering the kids with sunblock.  We ended up really needing it.


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11 Responses to It’s An Ice Cream Cone

  1. jenniferdorr says:

    Mutterschwester: I sure hope I spelled that right. Great thinking on your feet. Did you actually use markers to “fix” the graffiti. You are like the Mommy Banksy. Visually arresting and hysterical post, as usual!

  2. anna says:

    oh my that is hilarious on so many counts, including the digital enhancement of the original picture! also, can’t wait till your kids read this one day!

  3. Lies I’ve recently told my 16 year old:
    son: How old were you when you first got drunk?
    me: It was a glass of red wine on my 30th birthday (I told this lie while extremely intoxicated.)
    Son: How old were you when you first had sex?
    Me: My wedding night and it was beautiful because I saved myself. (I was really 16 and it was in the back of a car.)
    Son: Have you ever smoked pot?
    Me: Nope (no comment)
    Thanks for stopping by today!

    • Lies, lies everywhere lies. Can’t you hear the lies?

      Sorry. I hear 70’s songs about long-haired freaky people sometimes.

      Back of a car for the 1st time? Ouch. I hope bucket seats weren’t involved.

  4. charlywalker says:

    My mother…my sister…oh whichever, I don’t think the toddler will be traumatized by the little white lie. My kids are grown and lack their total toddler recall…

    Cute post.

  5. Hilarious–only in NYC right? Nice computer touch up on the “ice cream”

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