Glad I Saw It: Easter Rabbit 2010


Easter Rabbit 2010, originally uploaded by kikintina.

This rabbit on Watchung Avenue was vandalized several months ago, but it was recently re-erected by the landscapers working on the property. I truly hope the owners haven’t been too disheartened by the disrespect to their property; perhaps the seasonally changing rabbit will make a re-appearance in honor of the season.   My children still wave to the “bunny” even though its rabbit-ear headband hangs around its neck and its face looks more chewed up than happy.



Watchung Rabbit in April 2011

Since a few people have asked, here is a current photo of the Watchung Rabbit.  Notice the rabbit-ear headband and the poor, sad, chewed up face.  Darn you, vandals!  With evidence like this, and the scarecrow theft slightly farther west, it’s easy to see why some folks don’t want to create unique and fun environments.


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