Scooping the Poop and Decorating the Lawn

When we first moved into our suburban home, I spent an afternoon picking up about a dozen or so semi-frozen dog poops in our fenced-in backyard.  At least I hope they were dog poops.  They may have been from the previous owner’s dog, or they may have been wandering dogs and owners who saw an open gate and an opportunity. 

Still, in the year and  a half since then, we’ve only had maybe one or two dogs defecate on our lawn without the accompanying human picking it up – and it’s always been the front lawn.  Not bad, right?  Certainly not enough to warrant putting up one of these adorable “No Dog Poop!” signs.  But I do love them when I see them around town.

I wonder if they work.  I mean, people who don’t pick up after their dogs seem like the sort that might encourage their dogs to urinate right on one of these metallic deterrents, no?  Back in Brooklyn, some of the signs were much more wordy and assertive.

Perhaps the signs around town that warn of a $500 fine for not cleaning up after your dog are more effective.  Over all, I think it’s more altruistic reasons (and plain old decency) that encourage the majority of dog owners to pick-up.  And it really is the majority.

Update (4/15/11):  A horticulturist for the NYC Parks writes this about dog pee.  I guess curbing really should mean off the curb!

I’m not the only one who appreciates No Poop art: Jeff Bogert (@BurbTimes on Twitter) does too!


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6 Responses to Scooping the Poop and Decorating the Lawn

  1. Rachel says:

    What the? You’ve been holding out on me!!! I love it – it’s like I get to hang out with you again! I like Mutterschwester almost as much as BViB already and I’m sure you’ll win me over soon enough, I already can’t stop reading, you make it so irresistible. Ok, end of fan mail. 🙂

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