Trying to Be a Girl Scout

You can keep the Lemon things, but those Thin Mints were hard to resist.

You have no idea how much willpower I had to employ to stop myself from just grabbing a box of these.  Don’t leave your trunk open, lady!  It’s too much for me!


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6 Responses to Trying to Be a Girl Scout

  1. anna says:

    this is too funny. just today i passed about 10 tables of girl scouts selling cookies, smiling at myself and my resolve as i didn’t buy any.

    an hour later my husband comes home, gleefully shouting: “hey everybody, i have girl scout cookies!”

  2. I saw an ice cream made with Samoas (I think they’re back to calling them that now). Sounded amazing.

  3. Deborah says:

    Funny I should see this on your blog, I just downed 2/3 of a box of chocolate covered mint cookies (sugar free). WHERE’S THE ALKA SELTZER? lol

    • Exactly! That’s why I can’t even buy a box of them to take home. I have visions of myself crouched in the far corner of a closet with crumbs everywhere…my stomach threatening to somersault its way out the door. 🙂

  4. Bellymonster says:

    You’re a Mama after my own heart. Good for you for not snatching and running!

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