Scarecrow Missing from Watchung Avenue

After the vandalism to the Rabbit Scarecrow on Watchung and Grove a few months ago, this comes as an especially sad development.  The smiling, homemade scarecrow in front of a house also on Watchung Avenue has been stolen.  The owners put up a sign a few days ago expressing their dismay:

On the last lovely weekend we had, I happened to meet the gentleman who lives here.  He was raking the grass on the street side of the sidewalk.  I thanked him for having the little bench nearby; my kids like to sit on it and have a snack as we walk home from school.  He was very kind, and stopped his work to chat for several minutes.  It’s really a shame that some people decided it was their right to  remove someone else’s property.  Hopefully, they won’t complain the next time someone rummages around in their personal belongings for cash or treasure.


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