George Hamilton Inspired Eyebrow Waxing

When I was ten years old, I saw Love at First Bite.  I fell head over heels for George Hamilton.  I didn’t get that it was supposed to be a comedy, but I’m sure that made it more accessible and less threatening.  What I really loved was the shape of his eye-brows.  I was also able to cock my right brow, and I thought that meant we were made for each other.  

So I did what any lovesick ten-year-old would do:  I shaved my eyebrows to match his. Yes, I did.  Here I was, never having shaved my legs, wielding a razor just above my eyes.  I don’t know if it was a total disaster.  I don’t remember my parents reacting too strongly; perhaps they didn’t notice, or perhaps they just quietly hid all the razors when they did notice.  I do know that I was thrilled with the result.  For years after that, I believed that the one time I shaved my eyebrows into arches influenced their shape. That was my first foray into eyebrow taming.

I didn’t touch my brows again until I was in my twenties, I think.  And then I used a tweezer.  Just the stray hairs here and there.  Now, 31 years after that first eyebrow shave, I’m going to go for my first eyebrow wax.  Since I don’t wear any make-up, I figure this will make me look younger, thinner, fresher, and oh-so-sophisticated.  Right?

Anyway, I’ve been growing them out for weeks.  Here is the result:

They are not too bushy, and I was surprised that the “eyebrow artist” said that she’d do in-between the brows, you know, just to “clean it up.”  I’m still not sure if I’ll go for that.  Actually, I probably will let her do whatever she wants because I am terrified! I imagine all the insane eyebrows I might end up with – or even NO eyebrows.

Long story short, here’s the After photo:

I admitted to Sofia (the eyebrow waxing artist) that she was my first, and that I was scared of the outcome.  In typical form, I then made a joke about eyebrows growing back to minimize any insult that may have been deduced from my comment.  She was very good about showing me what she planned to do, and she assured me that she wouldn’t give me super-thin brows.

First she trimmed a few hairs with scissors, then she did one brow – top and bottom.  Then between my brows.  Then the other brow – top and bottom.  Then Sofia tweezed stray hairs from all over.

It’s true that before checking out her work in the hand mirror, I told myself not to freak out too much if it was horrible.  I have to say, I’m very happy with the outcome.  It looks natural, but clean.   We’ll see how I do with keeping it up.  At least now I’ve been de-flowered as an eyebrow waxer, so I won’t put it off just out of fear.

I went to Sofia at St. Ive’s Salon on Bellevue and Valley.  I’m thinking she (and her gentle honey-based wax) may be my go-to choice for summertime waxing.  The eyebrows were $15, tax included.

The Studio (Bobbi Brown) at Lackawanna Plaza charges $35, but it’s all tweezed.  Local moms have said that the woman who does it is a true artist.  More exact, and probably great for people who want something more elegant.

Another mom in the area said that threading is the way to go.  Serenity Salon and Spa in Bloomfield offers that service starting at about $12.


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5 Responses to George Hamilton Inspired Eyebrow Waxing

  1. georgettegilmore says:

    Nice job! They look great. I have been tweezing my Greek uni-brow since I’m 16 and consider myself a pro. Other women have asked me where I get them done. I’ve never had them waxed or touched by anyone else because I fear they will mess them up.

    • I have to say, if you are even considering *trying* it, this woman – Sofia – is very good. I’m psyching myself up to go for a bathing suit (no way it’s a bikini) waxing. I’m almost at the point of just buying surfer shorts and calling it a day.

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  3. They look absolutely perfect! I’m a big fan of waxing. It helps keep me firmly in the right spot on the evolutionary chart. This one time? Last year? I had started using Retin-A for my unfortunate adult acne. And then? I went to get my eyebrows waxed, except no one ever told me that you should never EVER get waxed while actively on Retin-A and guess what? I got massive blisters where my eyebrow hair used to be, and lost the top 3 layers, minimum, of skin and know what else? it is still damaged a year later! Oh, for the laughs. Moral of story: stick with what you’re doing and do NOT do what I did. The end.

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