Save Me: Comfort Music by Queen

One of my comfort songs.

One of my comfort songs.

Even though it’s nothing new, the last weeks of news really affected me. International, national, local news all felt bad — and the weekend’s news out of Missouri truly numbed me. I feel like I don’t have the right to make a grand statement, and frankly, I don’t want to. Or maybe I am unable to. Continue reading

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The Most Easily Preventable Form of Gun Violence

unnamedIn these first six days of August, in less than a week, ten American children were accidentally shot with firearms that should have been inaccessible to them. In 2013, the USA proudly hovered at about 100 children shot unintentionally with firearms that should have been inaccessible to them. And it seems like 2014 may outdo its predecessor. Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Dog

I don’t do nearly as much walking now as I did when we first moved to New Jersey. Walking helps you notice tiny details and wisps of fantasy, especially when you’re out walking with children. But sometimes driving can yield lovely images as well.

dog lawn chairsAt a red light, I looked over and saw this lovely dog. Doesn’t this scene look magazine-worthy? I mean, cell phone camera quality notwithstanding, can’t you picture yourself sitting on one of the chairs, book in one hand while the other leisurely scratches the dog behind the ear?

And just like that, a red light becomes a mini-vacation.

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Summer Fun for all Ages at the Liberty Science Center

GrooviksMy family and I had a great time exploring the new Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibit and visiting Adventures with Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Liberty Science Center (LSC) this weekend.

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Without Tenure — Everything Is Awesome!

Another brick in the wall. via failuretalent

Another brick in the wall. via failuretalent

To hear people talk about teacher tenure, you’d think that in every third classroom teachers sit around staring down students as the clock struggles to the bell. Or maybe teachers are just eating Pringles and reading the paper while children who desperately want to learn waste away in their seats. Tenure is the root of all evil. Oh yes, even teachers know there are Pros and Cons to the tenure system.

In New York State a group of seven parents has filed a lawsuit to overturn teacher tenure laws. It is tenure, they claim, that keeps their children from learning. It is tenure that creates a situation where their children aren’t reaching academic excellence. It’s tenure that is in control. These parents assume that the 90% effectiveness rate in teacher evaluations should mean that 90% of their students are rated proficient or higher in state tests. Ahhh Statistics 101, you slippery course, you. Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Escaping with Books


Image found at Book Riot. Click image to go there.

Did you know that we are living in the most peaceful time of human history? Doesn’t feel like it, does it? What with the television and radio and Facebook and Twitter and Reddit and emails and headlines about Syria and Gaza and Nigeria and The USA and Central America and Afghanistan and on and on and on it hardly seems peaceful. Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Dumbwaiter


Seeing this in a corner off the Montclair Art Museum‘s lobby reminded me of a stupid night I had with a friend while in college. It must have been my freshman year, and we went to our first “Around the World” party at one of the largest residence halls on campus. Twelve floors of various lounges and rooms that served spiked drinks into paid-for and marked plastic cups. He agreed to watch my drinks, and I agreed to be his female companion at a time before I knew what “A Beard” actually was. Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Guns: Not just for Married Couples

IPHomicidesandGunsUSMapJLHLCEdone_0Let’s stop pretending that gun violence is all about mental health. I know. If feels good to say that only the “crazies” commit violence, especially the worst kind of violence. It’s all about the other. But the fact is, over half of all mass shootings are related to domestic violence. And the vast majority of violence committed in the United States is a result of escalating arguments or as a part of a cycle of violence. Maybe we should start saying that losing one’s temper is a deficiency of mental health? Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Fantastical Reading

photoAnyone who knows my son knows he has been Harry Potter obsessed for the last year. He tore through all seven books and watched (curated) versions of the films. He then quickly moved on to The Spiderwick Chronicles, which took about a week to read. And instead of moving on to Beyond Spiderwick books, he decided to try out The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Admittedly, I played a part in this by 1) buying the book at a garage sale and 2) taking out the audio books from the library. Guided reading at its best.

I have no qualms about nudging my kids into the types of books I loved as a child. And still love. We are starting the Little House books as well. I can’t wait to share the joys of The Hobbit and the adventures in A Wizard of Earthsea. But I am sad, in a regretful, slightly morose way, that there are films out there already. I know it’s so hard to resist — and it absolutely informs the interpretation of characters to see stills and clips and entire tellings. But still — it’s totally worth it for the companionship of these stories.

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Chris Christie Veto Exposes Lack of a Moral Compass

via Sandy Hook Promise

via Sandy Hook Promise

Exposing his extreme cowardice and an utter lack of leadership ability, Christie eviscerated A2006, a bill to reduce the legal limit for firearm magazines to ten (down from 15). Parroting NRA claims that it’s mental health and not the amount of bullets, Christie showed his ignorance of mass shootings around the world (the USA doesn’t have a monopoly on mental health issues) and common sense (more bullets = more deaths and injuries). Continue reading

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