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Glad I Saw It: Work

Two kind, diligent, humble men have been working at my house for the last week. They started out jackhammering concrete, then loading and stacking concrete, then digging and digging and digging. Today they are loading and sorting concrete. Then they’ll … Continue reading

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Empathy: You Have It In You

My daughter sobbed bitterly at the end of a Pokemon episode called “Bye Bye Butterfree.” The butterfly (with poisoning abilities?) left Ash to, as my five-year-old explained it, “go and have babies.” She was crying because of the friendship lost and because the characters on … Continue reading

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Living Like Luna Lovegood

I have long loved the Harry Potter series. And thankfully, it’s a love that both of my children have absorbed and made their own. Of course I love Hermione and Ron and Harry for their wonderful personalities and growth and … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and the Power of the Purse Strings

I am a member of the #PurplePurse team for an Essex County-based group known as Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (SOFIA). We are fundraising to start a safe house for women and children leaving domestic violence situations. Please consider donating … Continue reading

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Support Organizations that Fight Domestic Violence in All Forms

Let’s skip over my own teen years and go straight to the twelve years I spent with other people’s teen years. In my time with other parents’ teenagers, I was in awe of creativity, frustrated by attitude dripping from drawls, … Continue reading

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Small or Large, you are Significant

Here’s a mental health pick-me-up on a Monday. You know that after school special diddy “The most important person in the whole wide world is YOU, and you hardly even know you…”? It was incredibly comforting to me as although … Continue reading

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Without Tenure — Everything Is Awesome!

To hear people talk about teacher tenure, you’d think that in every third classroom teachers sit around staring down students as the clock struggles to the bell. Or maybe teachers are just eating Pringles and reading the paper while children who … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Escaping with Books

Did you know that we are living in the most peaceful time of human history? Doesn’t feel like it, does it? What with the television and radio and Facebook and Twitter and Reddit and emails and headlines about Syria and … Continue reading

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Lazy Mom’s Guide to Overcoming (your own) Anti-Social Behavior

On the last day of school, my son was so excited for summer that he practically bounced over to me as he left his teacher’s hug. “What kind of fun will we be having, Mama? Who will be there?” I … Continue reading

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Maya Would Have Forgiven Me

I didn’t know any better. Before I ever read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I taught a chapter called “Momma, The Dentist, and Me.” I was teaching kids who were about as far from avid readers as is … Continue reading

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