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Adjusting to the car culture, dealing with leaving a career I love, and spouting off along the way.

Back-to-School Letter to Our School Bus Driver

Dear School Bus Driver, This isn’t my first time at this, and I’m surprised at how nervous I am even this second time around. I don’t like to think of myself as an overly anxious parent, you know? So, please … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Joy for Sale

We always spend one afternoon at the St. Sebastian Fair when it comes to town. The anticipation is half the fun — as long as it doesn’t turn into whining. My kids love the Dragon Coaster, and at three tickets … Continue reading

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Save Me: Comfort Music by Queen

Even though it’s nothing new, the last weeks of news really affected me. International, national, local news all felt bad — and the weekend’s news out of Missouri truly numbed me. I feel like I don’t have the right to … Continue reading

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The Most Easily Preventable Form of Gun Violence

In these first six days of August, in less than a week, ten American children were accidentally shot with firearms that should have been inaccessible to them. In 2013, the USA proudly hovered at about 100 children shot unintentionally with firearms that … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Dog

I don’t do nearly as much walking now as I did when we first moved to New Jersey. Walking helps you notice tiny details and wisps of fantasy, especially when you’re out walking with children. But sometimes driving can yield lovely … Continue reading

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Summer Fun for all Ages at the Liberty Science Center

My family and I had a great time exploring the new Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibit and visiting Adventures with Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Liberty Science Center (LSC) this weekend.

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Without Tenure — Everything Is Awesome!

To hear people talk about teacher tenure, you’d think that in every third classroom teachers sit around staring down students as the clock struggles to the bell. Or maybe teachers are just eating Pringles and reading the paper while children who … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Escaping with Books

Did you know that we are living in the most peaceful time of human history? Doesn’t feel like it, does it? What with the television and radio and Facebook and Twitter and Reddit and emails and headlines about Syria and … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Dumbwaiter

Seeing this in a corner off the Montclair Art Museum‘s lobby reminded me of a stupid night I had with a friend while in college. It must have been my freshman year, and we went to our first “Around the … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence and Guns: Not just for Married Couples

Let’s stop pretending that gun violence is all about mental health. I know. If feels good to say that only the “crazies” commit violence, especially the worst kind of violence. It’s all about the other. But the fact is, over … Continue reading

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